Studio One 2 Free Version released.

Presonus marketing team is seriously killing the competition right now with the release of Studio One 2 Free. As soon as I read the word “free”, I immediately downloaded it without hesitation since I was a fan of their software from the very beginning. And over the past few days I tried out this version,  which I feel is gonna  be a Godsend for individuals, project studios with no software budget, and students.

Download Link Studio One 2 Free

Without trying to waste too much time, I’ll just give u the features that are the USP(Unique selling Proposition) of Studio One 2 Free.

  • Unlimited audio, midi, automation tracks.(that’s all I needed to read).
  • The same sound engine from Studio One 2 Pro versions.
  • Great user interface and rock solid stable.
  • Full hardware support for most common midi/audio devices.
  • Export individual tracks, stereo mixdown or stems (yes stems!) to Wave or Ogg Vorbis.
  • Free version of Presence, a virtual instrument with 323 MB of free content.
  • Support for Presonus Studiolive Mixers hence perfect for live recordings.
  • 8 Basic effects such as Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Reverb, EQ, Dynamics and Distortion Unit.
  • Did I mention its free 🙂

What you don’t get in this version is summed up right here

  • Melodyne.
  • Folder tracks.
  • Transient detection.
  • The huge effects library. (we are limited to 8 basic effects for the free version)
  • No  VST/AU/ReWire support. (I wish they had a limit rather than no support)
  • No mastering suite.
  • No Quicktime video support.
  • No export to MP3.

That mostly sums it up, just hit the download link and enter your email id, download the installer file and run it. The first time you run the application, just hit free version in the opening window, and voila you have your own DAW for a price of $0. Thanks to the guys at Presonus for the great piece of software, I hope more people see the benefits and upgrade to the pro versions.

Download Link Studio One 2 Free

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